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One Lucky Dog Pet Sitting Service Welcomes You with Open Paws
Loving Care When You're Not There

One Lucky Dog Pet Sitting Service is dedicated to keeping your pets safe, healthy and happy. We are here to make your life easier and to provide you with peace of mind knowing your pets are being well cared for while you're away.

Pawsitive Reviews

Excellent communication, always promptly on time very communicative if any question or concern arose. Cats loved her And we got lots of fun pictures and my favorite part was when my patio door slightly opened(we still don’t know how) she was thoughtful and concerned enough to ask if we were expecting guests In our home while away. She also Secured the Premises sealed and relock our door. Very observant on her part and very appreciated on ours. Highly recommended, Will definitely be using her next time we go away.

Alexandria - October 2020

Attention cat owners and lovers! If you are like me, it is a struggle to find a pet sitter who in reality, isn’t just a “dog sitter”. As I have two extremely pampered felines, a love and ability to care for cats as well as dogs is paramount. Enter Carrianne! As many other reviewers have noted, I felt comfortable and confident with Carrianne as soon as we started talking during our Meet and Greet. I am very much a helicopter cat mom, and I was terribly worried about leaving them with someone new. (the visits were in my home) My one baby continues her fight with lymphoma, and my big boy has early kidney disease. I worry incessantly about them. To top it off, I feed them a very specialized diet that cannot be left out, meaning two finicky cats must eat their full meal at one sitting. This is not an easy task. Poor Carrianne was left with 3 pages of notes on their care, but was absolutely wonderful with them! She even went so far as to give my girl “room service” on the bed when she didn’t want to come down to eat. Bottom line is, Carrianne greatly eased my worries, and promised to treat and care for them like her own. That’s exactly what she did! I highly recommend Carrianne, and look forward to using her again!

Kathleen C. - September 2020

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